Pdap download page

Version Release date Window installer* Zip News
Version 4.1.1 2024-02-13
  • !New version available. Download manually from https://tools.windenergy.dtu.dk/Pdap/
Version 3.14.0 2017-04-24 setup_3.14.0.exe Pdap-3.14.0.win-amd64.zip
  • Optional "color by attribute" in scatter plot. (Drop color sensor in upper rectangle)
  • Improved PyPlot (more similar to matplotlib.pyplot incl. subplots etc)
Version 3.13.0 2016-11-11 setup_3.13.0.exe Pdap-3.13.0.win-amd64.zip
  • New working url for autoupdate and bug reporting
  • PSD: Zero frequency removed before binning
Version 3.12.0 2016-10-04 setup_3.12.0.exe Pdap-3.12.0.win-amd64.zip
  • Fixed a problem that made corrupted docx files
  • Improved method for suppressing observations when plotting long time series
  • Don't ask again option in "Confirm exit" dialog
  • Faster unix-time to datetime conversion
  • New "BinData" function for binning data
  • New "PlotStatistics" function for plotting min, mean, median, max, std and/or scatter points of time series
  • Fixed tab-issue in OpenCSV
  • Histogram now applicable to more than one data item
  • Higher resolution of copied (ctrl+c) plots
  • Faster loading of CSV files
  • Fixed problem in dlc make statistics
  • Open FAST files
  • Open Daqwin zipfiles containing frequency in filename
  • Open tar.gz compressed daqwin files
  • New SensorComparisonReport function
  • DeleteDataSubset now works with index-attribute as value attribute
  • Compare attributes by att1>att2 (previuos att1[:]>att2[:] was required)
  • Fixed memory problem in TurbulenceDataset
Version 3.10.0 2015-01-14 setup_3.10.0.exe Pdap-3.10.0.win-amd64.zip
  • Copy via DataView now copies the current time type
  • Fixed bug in Save PdapH5
  • Fixed "eval() arg 1 must be a string" in MakeDLCSensorStatistic
  • Selection problem fixed
  • Problems related to deleted sensors fixed
  • Move in plot problem fixed
  • Bug fixes
Version 3.9.0 2014-11-13 setup_3.9.0.exe Pdap-3.9.0.win-amd64.zip
  • Delete function improved to avoid "IndexAttribute cannot be deleted"-warning
  • Bug fixes
Version 3.8.24 2014-11-05 setup_3.8.24.exe Pdap-3.8.24.win-amd64.zip
  • DLC (Design load case) sensor statistic and reporting
  • Open command appended to command history when opening files via drag'n'drop
  • New Pdap file format bug fixed
  • Bug fixed in "check for manual updates"
  • Crosshair visiblity issue fixed
  • Reload problem fixed
  • FontManager problem fixed
Version 3.7.0 2014-10-10 setup_3.7.0.exe Pdap-3.7.0.win-amd64.zip
  • New Pdap file format
  • Improved warnings
  • Bug fixes
Version 3.6.0 2014-09-19 setup_3.6.0.exe Pdap-3.6.0.win-amd64.zip
  • DataIten properties min, mean, max, std, var etc. has be replaced with functions to be similar to numpy arrays
  • Reload works again
  • Fixed a "'Attribute' object has no attribute 'parent'" problem
Version 3.5.59 2014-09-12 setup_3.5.59.exe Pdap-3.5.59.win-amd64.zip
  • Copy of DataInfo now copies DataInfo
  • Plots now updates after manipulation
  • Register Pdap as *.sel now register the version independent launcher
  • Fixed another problem where an infinite number of Pdap instances is started
  • Fixed a problem occuring when plotting with index attribute as x
  • Fixed a problem in progress dialog
  • Fixed a "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'write'" problem
  • Bug fixes
Version 3.4.5 2014-08-28 setup_3.4.5.exe Pdap-3.4.5.win-amd64.zip
  • Performance of plotting via scripting improved
  • Problem with xlim when switching between time types fixed.
  • PdapTerminal.exe added to frozen application
  • Copy tab to clipboard via Ctrl+C
  • Problem with loading hawc2 ascii files with non-default number of spaces fixed
  • Double exit confirmation fixed
Version 3.3.1 2014-08-27 setup_3.3.1.exe Pdap-3.3.1.win-amd64.zip
  • Cursor position not updating in PlotData-plots, fixed
Version 3.2.159 2014-08-26 setup_3.2.159.exe Pdap-3.2.159.win-amd64.zip
  • One click-update to future releases
  • Plot sensors from multiple datasets agains commonly name x-att
  • Hawc2 Time sensor loads as TimeAttribute, i.e. it can be viewed as absolute, relative or date/time
  • Pan in plot is reflected in command history
  • Tab2image bug fixed
  • Snap to curve problem in frq-plot fixed
  • Register Pdap as *.sel opener problem fixed
  • Bug reporting problem fixed
  • Fixed a problem where an infinite number of Pdap instances is started
  • Error-prone appfuncs and plugins will now cause an error message and be unavailable instead of program crash
*The Windows installer versions requires write access to "c:\program files (86)\pdap".
On some systems you must run Pdap as administrator to achieve write access to this folder.